ELH Challenge #119 – Player


This week we had to be creative in customizing the player layout/look.  No need to include navigation.


I was thinking of some tool I have used and could teach in an elearning lesson.  I decided with Picasa tool which allows you to easily transform images and it’s FREE.  I wanted to try something out of the norm so the main focus here was to remove the menu on the left side (inspired by Magic Johnson in the ELH community with his Virgin Airlines project).

I find it useful to use a visible menu so the learner can go directly to the item they need to review.  With the already built  menu in player, it’s easy.  But it can create a stale look after a while and does distract and provide less room on the slide.  Not that it’s “that bad” if used.


The main change I made to the normal look was remove the menu pane on the left side.  I put the Menu in the Player Tab as a drop down list in the top right.  I also changed the text in the “Next” button. I decided to keep the slide and main stage white but then made the background for the rest to a blue (which you can’t see above and will see when you demo it).


What I did lose was the templated location for the logo, so I placed it within the slide since I had room for it, and I lost the visibility of the menu items.  So would I use this for lessons?  Perhaps for short and sweet lessons and maybe fun subject matter.  I certainly didn’t mind it in Magic’s Virgin Airlines project.

Click the image for a demo.



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