Welcome to my new E-Learning Website/Blog

Hi, I’m Daniela Slater and I’m excited to start a new journey with WordPress.  I wanted something that would make it easier for me to post my blog and portfolio.  I’ve learned that simple is better and better should be easier?

My new website will include:

  • a regular blog to show my E-Learning Challenges
  • regular posts all about e-learning and instructional design
  • tools or resources I am using or want to share with you
  • a place where you can contact me
  • a place to provide comments on my posts
  • my gallery of projects I’ve worked on for easy access
  • even my virtual resume and who I am
  • and much more

I hope you will visit often.  Love to read your comments and love to share knowledge.  Please take a moment to see what I’m up to here.  Oh, and I am still learning how to use WordPress so I’m truly sorry for anything that doesn’t seem right.

One more thing, I still have my old site and will take some time to move everything over.  To access my old site:   www.daslater.wix.com/elearning

See you here soon!



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