ELH Challenge #125 – Scratch and Reveal

It’s not often we are recognized for our work and even in our most humbling of efforts, we should take pride in our accomplishments (good or bad) and kudos given to us.  This week’s challenge was exciting and fun for me.  I started with a template but then tweaked it all around, with some struggle I might add, but I was pleased with what I learned.

Then to have David Anderson, Community Manager of the E-Learning Heroes community, commend me on my work this week, I was “over the moon”.  Even my colleagues in the community noticed my work.  I want to thank them all for their support and the great work they inspire me with from “how to” videos, step-by-step instructions and template downloads.


I don’t often watch American Idol (AI), but it was coming to an end, for good, so I did watch a few of them.  I thought it would be fun to do something with it.

From a template, I cropped the rectangle which housed the different states that decreased in transparency each time the scratcher (AI logo) ran across the hotspot over the framed area.  To change the rotation (like a coin used to scratch), I used Picture Effects, Rotation and then inserted an oval shape on the left of it to make it appear like a thick edge of a coin.  I then placed a frame around the rectangle to look like a framed photo.

Behind the rectangle, I placed the photos of the judges and inserted their name in the final state.  I then used Google Images to get a photo from the show with the judges’ seats.  I found the soundtrack for the music in You Tube and converted it to mp4.

Some time ago, I searched for New fonts to download.  I used “Eraser” which I downloaded from Chalk Crayon Fonts (see my video on how to download fonts).

So that’s it.  Doesn’t sound like much, but for me it was a learning experience.  And I had fun!

Click here for demo    Divider     Click here for download



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