ELH Challenge #125 – Scratch and Reveal

It’s not often we are recognized for our work and even in our most humbling of efforts, we should take pride in our accomplishments (good or bad) and kudos given to us.  This week’s challenge was exciting and fun for me.  I started with a template but then tweaked it all around, with some struggle I might add, but I was pleased with what I learned.

Then to have David Anderson, Community Manager of the E-Learning Heroes community, commend me on my work this week, I was “over the moon”.  Even my colleagues in the community noticed my work.  I want to thank them all for their support and the great work they inspire me with from “how to” videos, step-by-step instructions and template downloads.


I don’t often watch American Idol (AI), but it was coming to an end, for good, so I did watch a few of them.  I thought it would be fun to do something with it.

From a template, I cropped the rectangle which housed the different states that decreased in transparency each time the scratcher (AI logo) ran across the hotspot over the framed area.  To change the rotation (like a coin used to scratch), I used Picture Effects, Rotation and then inserted an oval shape on the left of it to make it appear like a thick edge of a coin.  I then placed a frame around the rectangle to look like a framed photo.

Behind the rectangle, I placed the photos of the judges and inserted their name in the final state.  I then used Google Images to get a photo from the show with the judges’ seats.  I found the soundtrack for the music in You Tube and converted it to mp4.

Some time ago, I searched for New fonts to download.  I used “Eraser” which I downloaded from Chalk Crayon Fonts (see my video on how to download fonts).

So that’s it.  Doesn’t sound like much, but for me it was a learning experience.  And I had fun!

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How to Search and Install New Fonts for Windows

Tired of using the same old default fonts?  Today, I will show you how to get new ones and install them for use in your Windows applications (Microsoft Office, Articulate Storyline, etc.).  The video speaks for itself (actually I spoke, not the computer) and will guide you each step of the way.

ELH Challenge #124_2 – More on Skeuomorphism

I wanted to design my own flat images for this one.  So, I created furniture and then found photos that were similar in google images to turn my designs into the images in a living room setting by the click of the mouse and changing the state.  I also included a lady in a long red dress to add some elegance to the design of my room.

I used PowerPoint (PPT) shapes to create all the flat designs (except for the lady in red) and grouped them as needed.  When I found the photos in google images, I removed the background in PPT so I could insert them in Storyline.  I did add some hair on the left side for the lady in the flat design to match the real one better.

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ELH Challenge #124 – Skeuomorphism

Another great E-Learning Challenge.  Well, I have to say I have not heard of skeuomorphism before so I hope I have been able to interpret it in my project for this challenge.  My understanding in brief is that it is used to transform flat designs like my cartoon animals into the real thing or simply bring something to life.  After some further research I read that it may or may not include interaction.  I did not spend a lot of time on this but I hope I have conveyed the meaning of this new word added to my dictionary (maybe even my vocabulary).

Click here for more on Skeuomorphism

Click here for more on Flat Design

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ELH Challenge #123 – Course Starters

This challenge will provide us with great ideas when starting up new courses.  When we need some quick ideas, we can simply modify colours, content, images, placement and other changes to make it different but still able to move forward in a more rapid pace to complete a course.

My course starter includes a variety of layouts, activities and knowledge checks.

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ELH Challenge #122 – Do’s and Don’ts

I decided to dig into some courses I’ve taught and found one on Networking.  There are many do’s and don’ts that can surface from career searching.  So I thought since there are two groups involved, drag and drop would be a good option.  I used the traditional garbage can for don’ts since I thought it was appropriate.  The briefcase could be used to fill up all the good do’s on the way to networking or job interviews.

I used Linda Lorenzetti’s idea from a video she produced that enlarged a photo to cover the full screen by copying and cropping.  I worked upwards to create the illusion of a high ceiling.  I decided to add some narration to practise using my voice and help guide the way.  Then to finish it off, I added some drama at the end with results’ sounds from the scene and changed the expression of the characters from normal to confused.


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ELH Challenge #121 – Memory Game Makeovers

Who always remembers where they put everything!  This challenge will help us focus, take a good look and hopefully find what we are looking for.  Ok so maybe we can try supplements like ginkgo biloba and omega-3 fish oil supplements to improve memory.  They’re just not as much fun as memory games.

Memory games can be used for learning languages or any other subject matter.  So I decided, since I’m on the trail to Italy this summer, to create a “guess the Italian translation” type of memory game with a twist at the end.

I can’t say I did this on my own.  I was able to make parts of this work with the help of a two people. I was so excited to see it work. Thank you Bastiaan Timmer for your MemoryGame template and thank you Darren Heath for showing me that pausing and restarting the timeline would allow time for all boxes to be seen within good time before advancing to the layer at the end. Don Corleone would be proud (I know, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about – check it out below).


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ELH Challenge #120 – SlideShare

Someone mentioned to David that LinkedIn can provide great access to contracts. So he decided why not do something with SlideShare communicate and network our work.  Thus, this challenge was created.

I have used PowerPoint for many years and just recently, I created a virtual resume for myself and a friend.  I applied various effects, like slide transitions, text and image animation, and music background which I found on SophonicMedia called “Powerful”.  I applied some narrative audio at the end to capture my voice (need to tweak more).  I find trying to make the music and certain animation to sync at the same time can be tricky.    I used a picture fill in the text “Canada” for special effect.

Once I completed the PowerPoint, I set it to Advance each slide automatically in the Transition ribbon (tab).  Then exported the file to “Create a Video” from PowerPoint itself to an .mp4 file.  To convert it to You Tube, I opened You Tube and uploaded it.




Welcome to my new E-Learning Website/Blog

Hi, I’m Daniela Slater and I’m excited to start a new journey with WordPress.  I wanted something that would make it easier for me to post my blog and portfolio.  I’ve learned that simple is better and better should be easier?

My new website will include:

  • a regular blog to show my E-Learning Challenges
  • regular posts all about e-learning and instructional design
  • tools or resources I am using or want to share with you
  • a place where you can contact me
  • a place to provide comments on my posts
  • my gallery of projects I’ve worked on for easy access
  • even my virtual resume and who I am
  • and much more

I hope you will visit often.  Love to read your comments and love to share knowledge.  Please take a moment to see what I’m up to here.  Oh, and I am still learning how to use WordPress so I’m truly sorry for anything that doesn’t seem right.

One more thing, I still have my old site and will take some time to move everything over.  To access my old site:   www.daslater.wix.com/elearning

See you here soon!